Walk About: Big Beach

When it’s dark and overcast outside the best thing to do is … go for a walk.  It is the Pacific North West after all. There will be cloudy days.

Heading into Big Beach, we are reminded that this is wild country and we should look out for bears, cougars and wolves.


“Maybe we should start walking with your maraca shakers,” I said to Hubby.  “Then the bears would hear us coming.”

“Them and everyone else,” he said.

I was thinking about the surplus of  shakers and noise makers at home.

“In a pinch, we could also throw it at them,” I added.  “If they came too close.”

We didn’t see any bears, so we kept on walking.

On the way we came upon the remains of an ancient ship wreck.   It’s one of the mysteries of Big Beach, in that no one knows it’s identity or origin.  Given the rough seas, it’s no wonder that this stretch of coast line is called the Graveyard of the Pacific.


It’s easy to get lost in taking landscape pictures.  While the vistas are gorgeous, it’s the close-up shots that put you on the trail.

Heading back we took a short cut through the bush.

“There’s lots of berries here,” I said. “Stuff that bears like to eat.”

In fact, it looked like a bear might have been sitting here.

Those berries sure looked delicious.   I wonder what they would taste like?

“Come on,” Hubby said. “I can hear something moving about in there.”

Maybe I’ll try them next time.

Ucluelet, BC.  July 2018





Something to write about

Please Note: Despite imagery, Canada is not really an island 🙂

WordPress has been bugging me about my domain renewal.    It’s been a year since I purchased TheSandyChronicles.com domain and I needed to rethink whether it was worth it.  Not the fee per se, rather the effort to maintain a blog.   After all, a lot has happened in a year.

When I first started I was living in Asia and wanted to chronicle bits and pieces of my life there.  After nearly ten years away though,  it was time to go  home to Toronto.   Lovely though it was to re-enter the familiarity of my hometown, there didn’t seem much newsworthy to blog about.

However, something’s about to change. My hometown is going to get a lot smaller.  Toronto will remain a 2.8 million metropolis (no fear there) but we will be moving to Ucluelet, with a population of 1,717.

I expect there’ll be a difference and maybe, something new to write about.

So I’ve decided to renew my domain and continue to post The Sandy Chronicles.  I have to change the blog’s tag line though.

Stay tuned for more about Exploring Life on the Edge.

Ucluelet, BC.  July 2018


Landscape photography is not my forte.

But given the coastal views in Ucluelet, British Columbia, I cannot but try.

Ucluelet – Stress Free Zone Ahead

Located on the westerly side of Vancouver Island (which on the west most side of British Columbia’s mainland), Ucluelet is this the rugged cousin of the more famous Tofino.

Amphitrite Lighthouse

It is well known for it’s black volcanic rock beaches and dramatic coast lines.  The Wild Pacific Trail starts at Amphitrite Lighthouse and loops up and along the Pacific Rim, with walking trails traversing cliffs and rain forest pathways.

North Pacific coast line
Wild Pacific Trail – one of many look outs

Closer to Tofino, the cliffs give way to stretches of  black-grey sand beaches.  Pounding waves make  this a destination spot for avid surfers …

Cox Beach

… and bicyclists,

Long Beach – Surf favorite

…  joggers and plain ole, laid back beach walkers – like me.

Ucluelet, British Columbia. June 2018

Walking Through the Pacific Rain Forest

The best way to experience nature is to take a walk.

While exploring Tofino we took a hike to Schooner Cove in the Pacific Rim National Park.  The web page said it was a short and relatively easy trail, leading through lush rainforests and over gentle meandering streams.

“How long is it?” I asked.

“It’s not far,” hubby said. “Less than ..” he mumbled into his shoulder as he turned away to get something from somewhere else.

So we walked.  It started out easy enough.

But after walking down and around for what seemed like forever, we came to this extended ramp.

Down and across …
… and across some more

At this point, with only the faint promise of  surf in the distance, we had too much vested in the walk to turn back.  We continued walking, going up and down several more ramps and valleys until we faced the final ascent.

On paper it is  only a two kilometre hike. However most of it is climbing up or down stairs. It could have been worse.  If there wasn’t a board walk for instance.  But then I probably wouldn’t be taking this hike.

How was Schooner’s Cove, the final destination?  It was good.

After the walk we went back to the hotel.

Thoughtfully displayed, for our post-walk reflection were these warning signs.

Cougars, Wolves and Bears. Oh dear.

Pacific Rim National Park in Tofino, Vancouver Island. BC. 2017