Color on a Rainy Day

Long Beach-5160631

It was a rainy gray day.
Typical West Coast weather.
But rainy days don’t stop surfers.
And gray days don’t hide colors.

Long Beach, Vancouver Island. May 2019

No Ordinary

It was the morning on the first day of the Rip Curl Nationals.  I was there for the open heats.  So were a lot of other photographers with some serious gear.  Massive telephoto lens and tri-pods speckled the beach. Lens envy!  But my zoom and hand-hold allowed  me to move around. I think I got a few good shots and I enjoyed myself.

Wick Beach RipCurl Nationals-5100430

Some photos are best served with music.  I recommend No Ordinary by Charles William.  I had this song and lyrics playing as I worked through my photos.

I can be anything

I think i’m ready to go
I think i’m ready to be
I think i’m ready to show that i’m no ordinary

I think i’m ready to know
Don’t need the world to believe
Right now i’m ready to show that i’m no ordinary


Wick Beach, Pacific Rim National Park. May 2019

Surf Day

It’s May and it’s officially surf season.  Next week is the Rip Curl Nationals and this weekend it’s the West Coast Triple Plank. Only on Vancouver Island can you triple plank – SURF, SKATE & SNOWBOARD – in one week-end.  Surfing is on Cox Beach, Skate boarding in Tofino and Snowboarding on Mt Washington.

The West Coast Triple Plank was created three years ago as a fun way to raise awareness and funds for the Central Westcoast Forest Society (CWFS), a registered charity for rainforest conservation and restoration.

Surfing was on the agenda today and we headed out to have a look. For once, I had the foresight to bring my camera and I hoped to get a few good shots. I had lots of opportunity.

There were serious surfers.

And there were those having serious fun wiping out.

Wipe out or no, old friends were always on shore.

Cox Beach, Tofino. May 2019

Surf Envy

Heading back after surf lessons

The 2019 Rip Curl Nationals is coming up in May. Intense competition is expected as it’s  also the team trials for the 2020 Olympics. It will be the first time that surfing is an Olympic event, so excitement is pretty high.

This means everyone who’s suffering from surf envy is either learning to surf, hoping to surf or wanting to surf.

In my case, I’ll keep my surf envy in check and go directly to telephoto lens envy.  It should be a great event for sports photography. So says the gal who’s never done it before but intends to try.  With or without a telephoto lens.

Long Beach, Tofino. April 2019

Last of the Summer

The days of summer are winding down and the sun is battling clouds and fog to break through.  Seasonal weather and a reminder from the Cascadia fault, converge to make stormy seas.

But that doesn’t stop the surfers.

Surfer’s Respite

For most of the past week, gloomy clouds, fog and rain obscured our view of the Pacific.

But one evening, for a few brief minutes, the sun broke through.

Sun break