No Translation Necessary

No need to say how this guy feels.

Taken in Saigon’s Flower Market.  It explains the bundles accumulating on his lap.


Photos taken in HCMC, Vietnam.  2015

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Los Hombres de Santiago de Cuba

Cuba is nothing if not colorful.

Warning: Images of extreme color and machismo ahead.

A Blue Wall and so much more
Take me away in a Purple Cadillac
Real Men are not Afraid of Pink Walls

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.  2018 

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Walking while Standing Still

In Times Square, which isn’t square at all.

Have you ever had that feeling? Like you’re in a place where you’ve never been but it feels like you’ve been there many times before?  Like you’re walking and standing still at  the same time?

New York City, USA.  March 2018. 

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