Picture a Beach (4)

LongBeach BW-163437

Long Beach, Tofino. April 2019


Driftwood Lean-to

In my last post ‘Picture a Beach (3)’ you might have wondered what you were looking at.  Or, if you’re grammatically inclined … at what were you looking.

Beach Lean-to-1-2
Driftwood Lean-to

As the name implies, driftwood lean-to’s are structures made from driftwood leaned against each other. They spring up every season after the winter storms have cleared the beach. They’re constructed by surfers and used as props for surf boards and drying wet suits.  I’m guessing that the shelter inside is also good for shielding gear from wind, sand and nosy beachcombers.

I was impressed by this lean-to.  Not only did it have four walls (two more than usual), it had a bull kelp clothes line, a door and a side patio. Luxury! It was a prime location on a prime beach with an incredible view.

I wonder if it’s available for rent.

Beach Lean-to-1

Long Beach, Tofino. March 2019



Last of the Summer

The days of summer are winding down and the sun is battling clouds and fog to break through.  Seasonal weather and a reminder from the Cascadia fault, converge to make stormy seas.

But that doesn’t stop the surfers.

Surfer’s Respite

For most of the past week, gloomy clouds, fog and rain obscured our view of the Pacific.

But one evening, for a few brief minutes, the sun broke through.

Sun break

Reclaiming Serenity

Have you ever had a photo that frustrated you with its lost potential?   A picture where the image captured wasn’t the one you saw?

This photo (the one below) is one of mine.  It’s too far, too bright and too exposed.  It doesn’t capture the muffled sound of the surf or the silent flight of sea birds.  It doesn’t hint at the rough texture of the sand or the whisper of salt in the breeze.  It doesn’t show the serene splendor of the Pacific Rim.


I was ready to launch this in to the trash heap but then thought what if. What if this wasn’t a photo. What if it is was  just a picture, a rendered line drawing that captured the highlights and textures.  A digital  editor could do that.

And so there it is. My featured photo and reclamation of a lost shot.

It is not a great photo.

But it’s a not bad picture either, eh?

via The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Long Beach, Tofino. British Columbia, Canada.  2017

Walking the dog in Tofino

LongBeach Couple--9

After years of living in China and South East Asia it was time to come home.

But after a few weeks in Toronto, hubby and I realized we still had the whole of Canada to explore.

Starting with Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. The island is off the Pacific coast line of Canada and USA.  It has an unprotected face to the Pacific and is characterized by extreme weather, rugged coastlines and awe inspiring views of mountains, sea and sky.

These pictures were taken at Long Beach in Tofino.  It was an unusually warm (12 degrees!) and sunny day in November.  Normal weather is cold with constant rain and intermittent periods of more rain. With a dour scowl a local resident told me that “last year it rained every day for four months.” This summer though was a good one. It was a dry and sunny. Lucky for me, a bit of summer hung around.

There are two types of people in Tofino.

Those who walk and those who surf.

Photo credit to Luc Charpentier

I fall in the category of walkers.

One day I might even get a dog.

LongBeach Couple--2

Tofino, Vancouver Island. British Columbia. 2017