Tokyo Alleys

I like to take pictures of alleys. In some cities they are nasty but in some, they are byways into in-between places. Spaces where you can see the busy-ness of other people going to  other places.

Tokyo Alleys


Alley in Golden Gai

Tokyo Noir

Hidden away from the glittery lights of Shinjuku is a warren of  bars and pubs called Golden Gai.  Like Omoide Yokocho the bars are tiny, eclectic and cater to only  a handful of customers.  Walking through the narrow alleys, it feels like old noir Tokyo – dark, moody, a little seedy and very mysterious.

Here are a few peeks into doorways and staircases …

… and always intriguing are the glimpses of people hidden in bars.

Tokyo, Japan. July 2017