Driftwood Lean-to

In my last post ‘Picture a Beach (3)’ you might have wondered what you were looking at.  Or, if you’re grammatically inclined … at what were you looking.

Beach Lean-to-1-2
Driftwood Lean-to

As the name implies, driftwood lean-to’s are structures made from driftwood leaned against each other. They spring up every season after the winter storms have cleared the beach. They’re constructed by surfers and used as props for surf boards and drying wet suits.  I’m guessing that the shelter inside is also good for shielding gear from wind, sand and nosy beachcombers.

I was impressed by this lean-to.  Not only did it have four walls (two more than usual), it had a bull kelp clothes line, a door and a side patio. Luxury! It was a prime location on a prime beach with an incredible view.

I wonder if it’s available for rent.

Beach Lean-to-1

Long Beach, Tofino. March 2019