Why ‘Not’ ?

In my last post I shared my ‘discovery’ of Mongolian ethno-rock throat singing.

When I showed the clip to my daughter, she said it reminded her of Celtic folk rock.

Bagpipes? Kettle drums? I thought, “Not.”

Turns out I was wrong.


What a Strange

… and now for something completely different.

YouTube recommended this video to me.  They must know I have a taste for music crossed with unconventional but traditional sounds.

Mongolion Folk Rock fits the bill.

If I could, I would be throat-singing this all day.

In case you’re wondering about the lyrics – a commenter explains that

They are singing from spiritual ancestors view … Mongolia’s main and most historical religion is shamanism and shamanism is about respecting our nature calling the spirits of our ancestors into the shaman’s body They are questioning about why the politicians don’t keep their words. Why Mongolians are being racist to each other because of their bloodline or province.  Why the kids are not listening to their parents and elders” – Low Chaze

Universal themes, relevant to people and politics well beyond Mongolia.

Video filmed in spectacular Mongolia.  2018

Ce n’est pas possible


In my hometown it is illegal to smoke in public places: indoors, outdoors and anywhere near a  sports field or playground.

Smoking on an outdoor patio is not possible.

This picture is not possible.

Paris, France. 2018

About this post:

If you’re a photographer, you’ll understand my obsession with smoke.

Like sunbeams and shadows, tendrils of smoke, rising but not obscuring a face, add character to a picture.  But chasing smoke is like chasing sunbeams.  It’s elusive and transient.  In urban street photography, particularly in Canada and US, it is increasingly rare.

My Health Conscious Self says “That’s a good thing.”
My Photographer Self says “There’s always Paris …”

Modern day Miss Havisham

While strolling through Parc de Sceaux I observed this lady dressed in white, complete with wedding veil and bridal bouquet.

I looked around for the wedding party, anticipating a full entourage of groom, maids and newly minted in-laws. But no, this lady was on her own.

Calmly, vacantly, stepping to music heard only by her, she ambled through the gardens, stopping occasionally to take a selfie.

Paris, France. 2018

Paper-books emulating e-books

In the New York Times there’s this article about a new book publishing trend.

Tiny books that will hold in the palm of your hand – the size of a cell phone – with a horizontal spine so that you can read  with a single finger swipe – like a cell phone.

Pardon me while I roll my eyes.  Another marketing gimmick.  Just in time for Christmas.

It’s a statement of the times, when IRL emulates tech simulating reality.

For this bookseller in Budapest, I don’t think he cares much.

Budapest, Hungary. 2018